• Choice of raw material


Raw materials are of the utmost importance in wood flooring. Veneta Parchetti, since its first days, has been dedicating a great part of its resources to the selection of the best woods.

Starting from the ‘80s, until today, the raw materials that we use come from the best forests for each essence. The oak wood used in the first years of activity of the company, came from French forests, whereas the exotic floors came from Africa. What distinguishes Veneta Parchetti is the commitment in looking for the raw materials directly at the origin, therefore selecting the best alternatives.

The dynamism of the market forced Veneta Parchetti to continuously adjust its offer, leaving out some products and enhancing some others. Nonetheless, the attention in the selection of the raw materials never lost its importance. If once the productive orientation required a consistent amount of raw materials, over the years this pursuit has been shifting towards the selection of suppliers that could guarantee an efficient and sustainable solution, according to Veneta Parchetti’s requirements.

The products designed and realised every day in our company require the use of raw materials coming both from Eastern European forests and qualified suppliers with a long tradition in the industry. All the trims applied to our products allow to maintain unaltered the natural colour of the essence, and ensure duration over the years too.

Cheap and low quality raw materials have never been part of Veneta Parchetti’s strategic positioning. Over the years, the company’s evolution has always been about clear principles shared within our company, that contributed to create its well-defined identity.