• Respect for nature


“Sustainability” for Veneta Parchetti assumes several meanings. A first interpretation is about the respect for the nature, which means to us offering a sustainable product from the environmental point of view. The choice of a sustainable product is important for Veneta Parchetti, which never neglected this aspect.

Respect for the environment translates into our range of products not only in the selection of raw materials but also in the components for the trims, that have all a low environmental impact.

Veneta Parchetti is not only sustainable in the respect of the environment but also from a social point of view. We indeed believe that respect for the person, being he/she an employee or a customer, is as important as that for the environment surrounding us. We try every day to safeguard the needs and priorities of our personnel, offering a workplace characterised by listening and respect for people. Our artisanal approach does not only imply marketing a hand-made product but also trying to satisfy the needs of every single client.

In Veneta Parchetti we strongly believe in people, proficiency and in the attention to the customer. This contributes to create a strong corporate identity, characterised by a third meaning of sustainability, namely that of the territory.

The Veneto region has always been a source of competitive advantage for our company. A long tradition in the industry and years of experience have been made possible thanks to the constant interaction with the firms and people that surround us.