• Future in Heritage


Veneta Parchetti was founded in 1980 in Arcade, nearby Treviso. Our founder, Guido Lorenzo Barro, started up the business in his hometown, after an experience of more than thirty years in the wood flooring industry. The current via Lombardi plant was thus launched.

The business grows as a productive centre, deeply rooted in the territory and characterised by a strong entrepreneurial nature. Attention to the detail and the constant pursuit of a quality product do characterise the company since its first days. Veneta Parchetti becomes known in the industry thanks to the hardwood production, which represents its main activity.

Over the years, the business is passed on to the new generations, in order to ensure continuity to the management. From production, Veneta Parchetti’s business model shifts to wood flooring marketing and, in 2003, the company join the forces with Ost Parkett, thus becoming the market leader for industrial parquet.



First steps into the fascinating world of wood flooring


Veneta Parchetti inaugurates the Arcade’s plant


With Ost Parkett it becomes leader in the Italian market of industrial flooring


Veneta Parchetti revises its approach to the market focusing on Made in Italy

2015 represents a new beginning for the company. Veneta Parchetti revises its approach to the market, reinterpreting itself under a modern perspective, more sensitive to the changes in customers’ needs. The activities that had characterised the company over the years are given a new artisanal footprint, allowing for better product customization: Made in Italy becomes a fundamental concept within the organisation.

Product care and the pursuit of quality in the selection of raw materials have never lost their importance. Still today, these principles make Veneta Parchetti what it is. In the ‘80s this would have meant producing a flawless hardwood floor, whilst today this implies choosing the best colouring for each customer, who would walk on a floor fully reflecting its preferences.

In Veneta Parchetti, we believe that in such a dynamic and unpredictable context that characterizes today’s market, it is necessary to adapt to change, but at the same time we never lose the focus on what distinguishes us and made us become what we are today.